While our primary disposal service is land application, our organic fuel provides a renewable energy resource for communities and municipalities which reduces coal emissions and landfill piling.
H&H transports biosolids from wastewater treatment plants to farms and ranches throughout Florida. Once the product arrives to a permitted site, H&H personnel disperse the residuals strictly following DEP and landowner regulations.
 Green Power

Produced at our Biosolids Treatment Facility in Clewiston, FL, our pelletized Class AA fertilizer,Green Power, serves as an excellent alternative to synthetic fertilizer, due to its active and organic composition. To be considered Class AA, all pathogen, metal, and solids content must meet EPA parameters. Once all EPA criteria are met, it can be applied to residential, commercial and agricultural land as fertilizer. 

Land Application

Land application is the primary method of recycling domestic biosolids and serves as a soil-conditioning process for ranches, farms and citrus groves. This reduces landfill and incineration disposal methods that may have a negative impact on the environment. H&H has land applied biosolids for more than 30 years, strictly adhering to DEP and local regulations to ensure the safety of the community, land and livestock. In Florida, most domestic biosolids are treated to Class B. The land application of this class is heavily regulated due its pathogens and metal composition. Sites that utilize Class B are restricted to the public and have a 30-day cattle grazing period. H&H field personnel are specially trained to manage Class B application by knowing soil-to-sludge ratios and metal contents, as well as adhering to all EPA and safety regulations.

H&H provides specialized hauling of domestic, industrial and agricultural waste commodities to numerous wastewater treatment facilities from various Florida locations. We utilize independent and company drivers to haul biosolids from the facilities to land application sites, landfills or our BTF in Clewiston, FL. 

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